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Teen Patti is one of the most played versions of any card game in India. Known as a flush or flash, 3 Patti is a competitive game where the player with the best hand wins the entire pot. The rules of 3 Patti Paytm Cash Bonus from India are very similar to the British “3 Card Brag” game.


Teen Patti has a solid background and has been recognized the most popular game in India throughout it’s rich history. The name Teen Patti means three cards in Hindi and the name comes from the game itself as each player is dealt three cards. Although there is no information on when the game was invented, it is considered by many to be an old and traditional variation poker game. However, there are some mentions of the game in the history books and archives. The game has also gained a stable position in Southeast Asia.

Indian history tells us a lot about ancient customs, including drinking, gambling, wealth, and promiscuous relationships. These behaviours were quite common in senior companies. Gambling was first recorded in India during the reign of Kansa, which was around 2000 BC.

Through the years, the game of teen patti has developed and has become the leading casino game online in India with leading providers creating online variations of the game.

Using our experience over the years, we will show you how to play teen patti with real money in India and help you choose the best casino site to play on.

Get ready to play like the Maharajas and experience teen patti real money style!

Best Sites For Online Teen Patti 2022


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Live Dealer Teen Patti

Live Teen Patti is played in online casinos like 3 card poker. Paytm teen patti live is different from the traditional Indian version that was played among friends and family and here you play with live dealers. If you are planning to play 3 patti paytm cash follow below easy steps:

  • To start a game place an Ante bet.
  • You will receive 3 cards and the dealer receives cards.
  • Place a bet to play with your cards
  • Choose the Fold option  if you do not like your hand.
  • There is a certain amount of time to make a decision. When your time expires, your hand will automatically fold.
  • The dealer needs at least a queen to play ahead.
  • The player with the higher hand ranking wins the game.

Teen Patti On Mobile

All you need is a internet connection to play real money Teen Patti on your mobile for real money. The paytm teen patti on a mobile device is simple as the casino games have been optimized to run on a smaller screen. The real money mobile Patti game allows you to play on the go! Below are options you can opt to play online 3 patti.


Teen Patti has followed the path of other casino games and has reached an online environment where anyone who desires can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. New versions of 3 patti real money paytm cash have been released and are now available in almost every online casino that offers its services to Indian players.

Teen Patti is certainly a game that has gone through a lot, but it is going stronger than ever and will probably be for centuries to come. Even though it has its roots in Europe, Teen Patti is now part of Indian culture. It occupies a special place in the hearts and traditions of the Indian people.

Mobile Web Browser

While using your mobile, you can play paytm teen patti directly from your mobile web browser or download a casino app. The app will appear on your device’s home screen, and once you’ve signed in from there (with your regular account, you don’t have to create a new one), you’re ready to play and win real money!

Most of the leading online casino sites have their own casino app, which is the perfect way to discover 3 patti real money paytm cash and play with many other payment options.

These apps are highly optimized to maximise user experience on mobile and made to be compatible with all mobile devices. This way you can play from anywhere without constantly logging onto the sites.

Teen Patti On Mobile

Real Money Teen Patti on mobile

Casino Android/IOS Apps

Casino apps are available to you, whether you have an Android or iOS device. However, you will usually find a link to download the online teen patti app on the casino website, so you will need to visit the website first to start downloading the app.

Once downloaded and installed, you will only need the app for playing online.

Download 3 Patti Real Money Apps

Pro Teen Patti

This site is designed for the players who want to play for online teen patti with real money. Our dedicated team has reviewed the most popular websites in India that offer this popular card game. has sought to examine each of the casinos listed based on several parameters that qualify as premium Teen Patti sites also provides 3 Patti Paytm Cash Bonus where players can make and win real cash. With all the research options available at your fingertips, all you have to do is click on the online casinos of your choice that are attached here and you can start playing right away. The information about the sites on this page that is available to players is completely authentic with no bias.

While planning to play 3 patti real money paytm cash, players will only find reviews from fully licensed and regulated casinos that provide a safe online gambling environment. Not only do these online casinos include quality games from excellent providers in their catalogue, but they regularly receive certification for fair and safe play. On any of the recommended 3 patti paytm cash, players can earn real money with their best version of the game.

Free 3 Patti Real Money Game

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