How to play Online Teen Patti Real Money

Learning how to play online Teen patti real money is very easy and simple. This card game becomes easier when you play with your friends, as you only have to think about your own cards. Don’t worry, let’s give you a quick lesson and you’re ready to play real money Teen Patti in just a few minutes! This favourite online casino game has very simple rules whether you are playing with a Live Dealer or against the RNG machine.

  • Choose a reviewed online casino which provide Real Money Teen Patti game and create an account
  • Deposit your funds
  • Choose Teen Patti (would normally show on the home page)
  • Place your Ante to get your cards
  • Play or Fold
  • If you play teen patti real money against the dealer reveals their cards, and you’ll see who has the best hand.

Best Sites For Online Teen Patti Real Money

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How to Play Teen Patti with Real Money?

To play online Teen Patti, you need to know the 3 patti rules and find an online casino that offers this game. The best option is to look for an Indian online casino because these sites usually have a selection of Teen Patti online games with real money. If you want to play teen patti cash game, you need to learn the rules. Here’s how this game is played with real money:

Place Boot Amount (Minimum Bet)

Boot Amount is the minimum stake every player must add to the pot at the starting of the game.

Decide what to play Blind or Seen


When you play blind

  • If the player in front of you is playing “blind”, you must place a bet equal to or twice the current bet.
  • Half or equal to the current bet if the player in front of you is playing “seen”.


When you play seen (Chaal)

  • You must make twice the current bet if the player in front of you has “seen”.
  • Twice the current bet or four times the current bet if you are playing “blind”.

Pack or Fold

The player can fold at any time. The amount invested in the pot is lost.

If you play a teen patti cash game, all you have to do is click the “bet” button. The system automatically calculates the amount of the bet.

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How to play teen patti with real money?

Choose an online casino, complete registration, make a deposit, now you are all set to play teen patti with real money?

What is the best teen patti hand?

Three Aces is the best hand in the teen patti game.

Is it legal to play teen patti online?

Yes, playing the game in online casinos is completely legal as the laws stating online gambling are still vague.

How to play with Live Dealer?

Teen Patti with live dealer is played against the dealer – making the dealer the only person to beat! There are several sites that offer a trial game for players to learn 3 patti rules and also let you play free game. At the beginning of each round, you can opt in to the game by placing an Ante which is equivalent to the value of your stake.

  • First, the dealer draws 3 face-up cards for the players at the table and 3 additional face-down cards for themself.
  • You can choose to “Play” or “Fold” by clicking on ‘add’ or ‘subtract’ symbols on the screen.
  • To bet on Pair or Better and the 3 + 3 bonus, all you have to do is place your chips in the appropriate area of the table.
  • If you get high cards then the dealer you will win and the respective amount will deposit in your account.
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Teen Patti Live Dealer Rules

Teen Patti Live Dealer Rules

What do you need to play Teen patti real money?

Playing online Teen patti real money  is a very exciting experience. If you want play and want to earn more money you need to following things:

  • Smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • Smooth Internet Connection.
  • Online Casino Account.
  • Secure and fast payment methods, such as Paytm/Google Pay or Phone pay.

Online casino sites such as Parimatch and PureWin have multiple payment of methods available to them. You can choose from any and deposit your first account. Make sure that your first deposit is always the biggest so you can claim the large bonus.

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How to play teen patti online?

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